8 Tips for Catholic Men

Yesterday I came across this powerful article by Randy Hain, "8 Tips for Catholic Men".  It is one of the some of best advice that all Catholic men should here. I was so impressed by these 8 tips that I felt compelled to share them here. Please click on the link above to read the entire piece. It is well worth your time.

While all 8 tips are very much needed by all of us, three really stood out for me:

 #3 - Become passionate about the Eucharist - What more can I say about this that Mr. Hain didn't already say? However I will add that you will become more like the Master by spending more time with the Master.

#4 - Go To Reconciliation more Frequently - One of the biggest problems facing the Church and society is the loss of a sense of sin which causes too many of us to ignore this wonderful sacrament and the powerful graces God bestows on us through reconciliation.

#8 - Be Courageous -  I will end by quoting Mr. Hain's explanation of this as it is just too good to pass up:
Christians are meant to stand out, not blend in.  Blending in speaks to conforming and making sacrifices so our faith becomes part of the mainstream…and we need to fight it!  We live in difficult, trying times.  Families are under attack, our children are at risk, many people are blind to the need to respect and value all life and atheists are one of the fastest growing groups in the world.  We have an opportunity to be beacons of light and good examples of Christ’s redeeming love.  We will be judged one day on the fruits of our apostolate and hope to hear Jesus say the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  

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