Anti-Catholic Propaganda in the Main Stream Media

I can honestly say that I have lost all respect for the major news outlets in this country. Supposedly “unbiased” journalists demonstrated how they are nothing more than propaganda machines with their sickening infatuation with the Obama administration, liberal causes such as gay marriage, and their political correctness run amok over Islam. They stooped to new lows last March when, led by the NY Times, the news media unfairly implicated Pope Benedict in a few sex abuse cases. In my opinion, this was obviously timed to coincide with the Catholic Church’s opposition to Obamacare. It was propaganda, much like was seen in Nazi Germany, to destroy the credibility of the Pope and the Church.
But just when you think they can’t stoop any lower, CNN rolls out a series of articles and a TV special once again implicating the Pope in the sex abuse scandals. These supposed journalists have decided to drag out the same cases that the NY Times first surfaced in March. The most ridiculous part about this is that CNN delivered absolutely no new facts or information about these cases. The just rehashed the same false arguments all over again. These are the same accusations that were proven to be lies back in March by many prominent figures inside and outside the Church.

First, I want to get the facts straight. CNN, much like the anti-Catholic NY times, left out the important details that prove the Pope’s innocence. Both cases were covered up by Bishops who themselves were actively gay, credibly accused of sexual abuse, and resigned in shame, Rembert Weakland and Daniel Ryan. In both cases these bishops attempt to deflect the blame from themselves by implying that the Pope failed to protect children by not defrocking certain abusive priests in their diocese. In both cases, it was proven conclusively that these bishops covered up sexual predators in their diocese and failed to notify the police. These bishops deserve the blame because they failed to remove the abusive priests from active ministry. What then Cardinal Ratzinger did was to tell these bishops that he would not laicize these priests without the proper Canonical trial and that these bishops are responsible for handling this mess in their own diocese. The other important fact that the media left out was that neither the Bishop nor the Vatican needs to defrock a priest in order to remove him from active ministry and hand him over to authorities. Weakland and Ryan purposely chose to cover up the abuse by shuffling these priests to other parishes and then claim the Pope failed to act.
This is nothing more than the media perpetuating a farce by two perverse men in Bishop mitre’s who tried to shift responsibility from themselves to Pope Benedict. What upsets me more than this lack of decency in the media is that not just non-Catholics but Catholics as well will believe this garbage and turn on the Pope. I have had discussions and even arguments with people who consider themselves practicing Catholics and believe these vicious lies about pope. Have Catholics become so lazy or apathetic that they will believe anything the media spoon feeds them without question? When this smear campaign began last March, I did my own research on line and within 5 minutes I found many articles on Google about the two bishops behind these allegations. In the time it takes most people to check their fantasy football scores or facebook messages, I was easily able to uncover several facts that shredded the credibility of those stories from the NY Times. I found a lot of information from many prominent figures that defended the Pope and debunked the media’s allegations. The point here is that this propaganda is effective only if we allow it. Stop believing it and do you own research. There are many independent news sources online that are a lot more impartial than CNN. Don’t be afraid to question the media on its accuracy. I have done this several times with letters and emails to local and national news outlets. You may get a response or you may not. But, if enough of us do this, these news outlets will get a loud and clear message. Also, educate yourself on your faith and even these scandals in the Church. The truth you will find is remarkably different from the “truth” the media reports.

Mainstream news media likes to reduce everything to small sound bites which they use to promote their agenda and get people fired up. Facts are seldom reported in their entirety. Both ends of the political spectrum are guilty of this. News reporters and personalities from CNN to MSNBC to Fox News are all guilty of this. I can honestly say that I do not waste time by watching any of them on TV regularly. I prefer to get my news from various on line sites. I just wish more people, especially Catholics, would start doing the same and boycott the mainstream media until the day they show the Pope the same respect they show to an imam who wants to build a mosque near in New York near Ground Zero.

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