The Catholic Church in the Obama Era

I have posted a link below to the keynote address of Dr. Charles E. Rice to the national meeting of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists held at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Ind on Oct. 22. I can urge you strongly enough to read this. It is a brilliant and passionate speech about the challenges facing us as a Church in today's society. I only wish more priests and bishops would be as bold and courageous in their homilies.

Click here to read the speech: The Catholic Church in the Obama Era

It is a long speech but well worth the time to read it. Please consider sharing this speech with others, as it contains an important message that all Christians need to read.  I posted a few excerpts below highlighting some of Dr. Rice's powerful statements on our government, culture, and our Church:

On Obama and the Government:
It is, unfortunately, credible to say that Catholics played a major role in putting the Obama Regime in power. Highly visible Catholic academics, Catholic politicians who obey their own magisterium, and Catholic clerics and publicists, paved the way for Catholic voters and others to fall for "hope and change." Sadly, there is precedent. For a comparable example of the rapid concentration of executive power by a legally installed regime, we have to look to Germany in 1933. Adolf Hitler was named Chancellor on January 30. He consolidated his power over the next few weeks. The decisive event was the Reichstag's approval of the Enabling Act on March 23, 1933, by which it ceded full and irrevocable powers to Hitler. That was the point of no return. The Enabling Act received the needed two-thirds vote only because it was supported by the Catholic party, the Centre Party. [1]
Obamacare, enacted with the decisive support of Catholic members of Congress, is the Enabling Act of our time in the wide-ranging control it cedes to government over the lives of the people, including the takeover of student aid. Why are student loans in the health care bill? The common denominator is control. No student can now get a federally guaranteed educational loan without the consent of a federal bureaucrat. This can make political loyalty a test for educational advancement, as it was in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

On the role of contraception in the breakdown in our society and culture:
But: "One cannot escape the fact," said John Paul II in 2002, "that more than in any other historical period, there is a breakdown in the process of handing on moral and religious values between generations."
This is no time for recriminations. Rather, the cultural meltdown offers us an opportunity to fix that breakdown by telling the American people, including Catholics, the truth about the unmentionable issue that caused that culture to unravel. That issue is contraception.
In American culture, the intentional infliction of death upon the innocent is widely seen as an optional problem solving technique. The shootings at Columbine High School are no longer unique. Legalized abortion is a prime example of disposal of the innocent as a solution to a problem. So is euthanasia. The execution of Terri Schiavo is replicated every day, without notice, whenever the parents and caregivers agree that the incompetent patient would prefer what the Nazis used to call "a merciful release." The intentional killing of the innocent is foremost among the five issues generally described as non-negotiable in terms of Catholic principle. Those issues are: abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning and same-sex marriage. All five of those "non-negotiable" evils are predictable results of the dominance of the contraceptive ethic.
On same sex marriage:
The decisive legal issue in the United States will be same-sex marriage. Courts in several states have mandated recognition of same-sex unions as marriages. Those rulings appear to be consistent with the Supreme Court's 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas. In striking down a Texas criminalization of consensual sodomy, the Court effectively ruled out morality as an independent basis for law. As Justice Antonin Scalia accurately said in his Lawrence dissent, "Today's opinion dismantles the structure of constitutional law that has permitted a distinction to be made between heterosexual and homosexual unions, insofar as formal recognition in marriage is concerned."
The Catholic bishops, thank God, are determined to fight the legalization of same-sex marriage. The hard fact, however, is that the fight against same-sex marriage is a guaranteed loser unless the American people experience a reconversion to the authentic Christian position on contraception. In the Wall Street Journal in 2004, Pastor Donald Sensing, of Trinity United Methodist Church in Franklin, Tennessee, said the general acceptance of the Pill made same-sex marriage inevitable:
Opponents of legalized same-sex marriage say they're trying to protect a beleaguered institution, but they're a little late. The walls of traditional marriage were breached 40 years ago; what we are witnessing now is the storming of the last bastion.... Sex, childbearing and marriage now have no necessary connection to one another, because the biological connection between sex and childbearing is controllable. The fundamental basis for marriage has thus been technologically obviated....There's little left to save. [9]
On the Catholic Church:
The Catholic Church will endure forever. But we have no guarantee that she will thrive, or even survive, in a particular time and place. Fr. Hardon saw this and saw what was needed: "I make bold to say that the Catholic Church, the real Roman Catholic Church, will survive only where her bishops are courageous enough to proclaim what the followers of Christ have believed since apostolic times. But the bishops are frail human beings. They need, Lord how they need, the backing and support of the faithful under their care...." [14]
To recover, America needs the Truth, as taught by the Catholic Church. It is time for all of us, regardless of creed, to turn to the Mother of God, who is also our Mother. She leads us to her Son in whom we put our trust. At the Battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571, Mary and her Rosary sank ships and saved Christian civilization. She can take care of our problems. We have nothing to fear. We know we are on the winning side.
Thank you and God bless you Dr. Rice for having the courage to boldly speak the truth.  

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