Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Drama and the Dilemma of Fatherhood

The Drama and the Dilemma of Fatherhood

The link above is to a powerful article by Dr. Donald Demarco about the secular world's attack on fatherhood. Dr. Demarco, quoting statements from Pope John Paul II, discusses how the attempt to "abolish" fatherhood began in the Garden of Eden:
Toward the end of his international best-seller, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, Pope John Paul II makes the startling comment that original sin is, above all, an attempt “to abolish fatherhood”.  Tradition teaches that our primal parents’ first sin was one of disobedience and pride.  This is correct, but describes the disposition of Adam and Eve.  When we look at the object of their offense, God Himself, we see that their sin is against His Fatherhood.

According to the serpent, by abolishing fatherhood and the authority it contains, Adam and Eve would be free of all restrictions and become gods themselves.  Tradition also teaches that this Original Sin led directly to a Fall of catastrophic proportions.
The author goes on to discuss why it is crucial for men to strive to follow God's model of fatherhood, not only for the sake of their families, but for the good of society as well . This is a truly insightful article that is worth reading. Please read this and pass in on to others.

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