Militant Atheism

I want to share with you my observations on the following article I found on CNN's Belief Blog:

My Take: When The Fat Girl Got Mad At God

It is a inspirational story about Lysa TerKeurst and how she is overcoming her battle with her weight through faith. She details how she learned to control her desire for food by making God the center of her life and turning to Him for comfort and to fulfill her deepest needs. I thought it was a wonderful story and a great example of how we can so easily fall into the trap of using material or worldly things to fill that deep desire we all have for God.

The most interesting and shocking part of Lysa's article is not what she wrote, but instead, it is the comments written by readers of this article. There are over 1,100 comments posted on this blog post. I have read through some of them. Many congratulate Lysa on her weight loss and thank her for her inspiring story. But I couldn't believe how many nasty comments there are attacking her and ridiculing her because of her faith. It goes beyond just being an atheist and not believing in God. There is a sense of evil in these comments. You can almost see Satan lurking in the background and using these people to viciously attack and tear down anyone who dares mention God or Jesus. Lysa and those Christians who support her are accused of being delusional, unintellectual, fanatical, hateful, as well as not caring about starving children in third world countries.

It is pretty disturbing because it gives you a pretty good picture of how dark this world is becoming. While we in the US are not facing the same type of persecutions and attacks that Christians face in communist countries and in the Muslim world, we are witnessing a growing intolerance and hatred toward Christians in this country. I have seen this countless times on many blogs and mainstream news websites. I find it deeply troubling that over the past few decades we have gone from being a predominantly Christian nation to one where so many want to silence Christianity and force it completely out the public view.

I will end with a quote from Lysa TerKeurst's own blog where she responds to these verbal attacks:

Well, here's my take on what happened:
1.  What an honor to have so many atheists reading my article. 
2.  I'd rather be criticized than ignored any day of the week!
3.  With over 1000 comments, it was one of the most talked about articles over at CNN that day.  Who would have ever thought a simple article, written by a very simple Jesus girl, could cause such a fun ruckus?

To be honest, I was thrilled that so many people cared about my article. And I just had to giggle at how much it helped the sales of "Made to Crave."  Truly, God can take what people mean for evil and use it for SUCH GOOD!

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