The Inevitable Collision of Gay Marriage and Religious Rights

This is a video that anyone on the fence about gay marriage should watch. This is a talk given by Rhode Island attorney Scott Spear gave to the Knights of Columbus in Providence. I have had the privilege of hearing Mr. Spears in person on two occasions. This is a powerful presentation that I hope will open eyes to the looming legal threat that the gay marriage agenda is to our faith.

Thanks be to God that same sex marriage was defeated in Maryland. We are in the middle of this battle again in Rhode Island and the fight is far from over in other states as well. The erosion of religious freedoms has already begun in several states and in Europe. Do a quick search on the web and you will see headlines about children, as young as kindergarten, indoctrinated in the gay agenda in public schools against their parents wishes. Catholic Charities as been attacked in some states for upholding Catholic teaching against same sex marriage. A Christian couple that own a bed and breakfast in England is being sued for not allowing a gay couple to share a bed because it is against their faith. It each of these cases, those opposing same sex marriage are accused of bigotry and discrimination. As Attorney Spears discusses in the video, institutions such as Christian Churches, that were at the forefront in the battle for civil rights in the 60's are now being charged with discrimination as same sex marriage laws take hold in our society. This collision course of gay marriage and religious freedoms is not some exaggeration or conspiracy theory. It is happening right before our eyes and will get worse as long as we remain silent. Please watch the video and pass it along to others.

Thanks to Air Maria for this video.

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