Forced To Accept Immorality

Stacy Trasancos at Accepting Abundance wrote a great commentary on her experience as a practicing Catholic and mother of young children, having to face the immorality our society finds acceptable. Specifically, she mentions her children encountering public displays of affection among gays in a local park in her town.

As expected the gay-rights crowd, whose mantra is tolerance, have flooded her blog with comments attacking her and even making threats against her and her family. In other words, they refuse to tolerate her beliefs and her rights to free speech. As Mark Shea, in his own unique way, states on his blog: "Tolerance is not enough. You. MUST. Approve. And you MUST force your daughter to approve as well."

Stacy responded bravely to these attacks with two more posts on her blog, You duped me, O LORD and Accepting Evangelization.  In the latter posting, she discusses one important lesson she learned from these ugly attacks. It is an important lesson all Catholics should remember:
Be willing to suffer, but know that you in fact may not. Grace will conquer suffering and turn it into rejoicing. And that, dear fellow Catholics, will make you never want to give up or shut up! It will instill in you an abundance of joy that will bless you in ways you will not even expect.
Thank you Stacy for having the courage to speak the truth and to stand by our faith. May God bless you and please continue your good work.

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