Thousands of Rallies Worldwide

Take a look at the map below. Each of those red dots represents a city or town where a rally was happening on October 15, 2011. The people at these rallies are concerned about where our society is headed and want to make a difference. No, these weren't Occupy Wall Street protests, these were the annual Public Square Rosary Rallies by America Needs Fatima.

This map is from their blog which details the amazing growth of these rallies every year:
As the world situation becomes increasingly bleak, confused and hopeless, the idea of holding a Rosary in a public place has caught on: in 2007, where there were 2,107 rallies. In 2008, 3,500. In 2009, 4,337. In 2010, 5,963.
Today, thanks to the intercession of Our Lady, there were 7,515 Public Square Rosary Rallies held across the United States as well as in 22 other countries across the globe.
Over 7,500 rosary rallies in 23 countries around the globe. That is truly powerful. This is the type of rally that will bring about real change in our world. This is what brings comfort and healing to the poor and marginalized in our culture as opposed to the chaos and and insanity we are seeing by these "occupiers" on Wall Street and elsewhere which only brings more conflict and division.

According to news reports there were protests inspired by "Occupy Wall Street"  in 951 cities worldwide on October 15, 2011. This same day there were over 7,515 Rosary Rallies worldwide. I think the message is quite clear as to what this world really needs.

Click here for the America Need Fatima Blog and more information on these amazing Public Square Rosary Rallies.

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  1. Wow! I did not hear ANYTHING about that, even from our diocese, other than seeing one outside one of our parishes. It's time to step up the fight!