Rebuild the family, rebuild the nation

This post ties in with my previous two posts on the social and economic importance of rebuilding the family in our society. Below I have three more outstanding articles which use history, statistics, and current research to underscore the importance of the family to our economy and society in general.
Read the articles and then take a look at the world around you. It's hard to ignore that all the problems associated with the disintegration of the family, as mentioned in the articles, are happening right before our eyes. I just pray that more people, especially our leaders, wake up and see this before it's too late.

I want to end with some wisdom from G. K. Chesterton, quoted from The Basis of Civilization by Dale Ahlquist:
Chesterton says that every high civilization decays by forgetting obvious things. The obvious things are the ordinary things, and we have forgotten them. The modern world that we have created has brought with it great strain and stress so that even the things that normal men have normally desired are no longer desirable: “marriage and fair ownership and worship and the mysterious worth of man.” Those are the normal and ordinary things. Those are the things we have lost, and we need to recover them.
“The disintegration of rational society,” says Chesterton, “started in the drift from the hearth and the family; the solution must be a drift back.”

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