Almost Everything in Society Is Against Fatherhood

 NFL Player Turned Pastor: Almost Everything in Society Is Against Fatherhood

Unfortunately, rather than listening to Freddie Scott in the article at the link above, men and boys today are instead flooded with Hollywood's and pro-sports images of what today's "real men" are like. These are usually summed up in the following categories:
  1. Selfish, spoiled, and womanizing 

  2. Immature, lazy, and stupid

  3. Effeminate, and/or gay. 

Freddie Scott hit the nail on the head with these quotes:
"We are facing some serious problems in our nation and if we do not take the appropriate steps we're going to continue to see this," said Scott.
"The term fatherless does not only refer to a child who does not have a father in the home," said Scott.
"Biblical fatherlessness also occurs when a man in the home does not meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of his children; by definition its being less than a father."
I sincerely fear for the future of our world if continue on this path. Pray for the success of ministries like Freddie Scott and that more men wake up and accept God's call for them to embrace true manliness and true fatherhood.

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  1. So true! Everything from TV shows that show fathers as idiots to divorces which have parenting plans that all but remove the father to the materialism of our culture that screams against the Divine Fatherhood or anything other than feeling good here and now.