The Modern View of Families and How I Miss Ben Cartwright and Charles Ingalls

I wasn't surprised at all by the news in the following article:


First, if you think these awards are not politically motivated, then I have a bridge I would love to sell to you. It's pretty obvious that the Hollywood elite are trying to send a message by giving 6 Emmys to "Modern Family". For those of you who are not familiar with this comedy, it focuses on the lives three "families". The first is a husband, wife, and their children. The second is an older man who left his wife to marry a much younger woman. The third "family" is a gay man, his partner and the baby they adopted.

It was bad enough when Hollywood chose to portray dads as immature, scheming fools. But this show takes it to a whole new low. This show is trying to make the statement that gay men are just as capable, if not better parents than a man and a woman. It also gives the subtle message that heterosexual men will eventually leave their wives for younger women. According to this show, a "modern" family is what we choose it to be according to our own desires. Apparently God's plan for marriage is considered old and obsolete since it doesn't include a gay partner or divorcing your wife for a younger woman.

It is truly sad that long gone are the days when you could turn on the TV and watch a show with your kids that had strong father figures with good values. These outstanding fictional dads included Ben Cartwright on Bonanza, Howard Cunningham on Happy Days, Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie, John Walton on The Waltons and Cliff Huxtable on the Cosby Show. Each one left a lasting positive impression on the millions of families that watched them every week.

It is upsetting to think of how many children and families will never be influenced by positive role models like these. Instead they will be exposed to a myriad of lifestyles, living arrangements, and broken homes on TV each week all under the umbrella of "tolerance", "inclusion", and "progress".  Welcome to the reality of "modern families".

Ben Cartwright, Charles Ingalls, Howard Cunningham, John Walton and Cliff Huxtable, you are all greatly missed.

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