Real Men Pray the Rosary

 More Catholic men are praying the rosary to grow spiritually

I came across the article in the link above about an awesome apostolate in Texas called Real Men Pray the Rosary.  It was started by David Calvillo as a way to reach out to men and share with them the true power of praying the rosary. His website at the link above contains information on how to pray the rosary, related events in the Texas area, a blog that discusses the mysteries of the rosary, and a place to order gear displaying the logo to the left.

I agree with Mr. Calvillo. The rosary has gotten the reputation over the years as something for old women and that it is not very masculine. However, some of the greatest male saints in our Church's history fervently prayed the rosary. These saints were courageous men, some were knights and others were martyrs who willingly laid down their life for our Church. Through their example, we men today can learn what true manliness and masculinity really means.

Thanks to the work of apostolates like Mr. Calvillo's, we are seeing more men and women embracing their faith and the rosary. In this increasingly atheistic society, the rosary is a powerful way to strengthen our faith, bring our families closer together and be a witness for Christ to those we encounter.

Thank you David and Josefina Calvillo for this wonderful apostolate. They will be in my prayers. I encourage you to visit their website and learn more about the rosary.

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