Awesome Story About a Real Hero

This is an amazing and inspiring story about a real hero: Good Samaritan describes chase that led to girl's freedom. Yesterday's headlines included a story which is every parent's worst nightmare. An 8 year old girl was abducted by a stranger in Fresno, CA. Today's major story is about how a 29 year old man risked his own life to save that same girl from a predator. This hero,Victor Perez, credits God for putting allowing him to save this girl.
He quoted a relative who said divine providence might have stepped in. "God works in mysterious ways," Perez said.
God bless you Mr. Perez. You are a hero and an inspiration to us all. I feel as if I should come up with an award for him. Maybe something like the "Iron Works Iron Man" award? As for the predator that abducted and sexually assaulted this 8 year old girl, while I pray that God has mercy on your soul, I sincerely hope the justice system of California does not.

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