The Epidemic of Pornography

This is an article that I think all men need to read: Special Report: Confronting the Pornography Epidemic.

Written by Peter C. Kleponis, PhD., a licensed clinical therapist who specializes in helping marriages and families and pornography addiction recovery, it details the stark truth about the dangers of this type of adult entertainment. In the past 40 years, society has witnessed porn evolve from once being taboo to where porn has now exploded into the mainstream due in large part to the internet. Unfortunately many people, including some psychologists and counselors still think it is harmless entertainment. I personally find it hard to believe that there is no connection between the onslaught of porn over the last 40 years the the growing number of sex crimes and violent crimes in our country. It is just another way in which human life is devalued as it turns people into mere objects to be used for pleasure and then discarded for the next big thrill.

As the article correctly points out, porn use leads to addiction, and our culture needs to admit that and start treating it like any other addiction. It is a disease that slowly consumes and destroys men, women, families, and even children. Please take the time to read this article and pass it on to others. Since this filth is protected by the First Amendment, the best way we can fight is to spread the truth about this addiction. The information found here is crucial in educating ourselves and others about the dangers of this disease.

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