Abortion, Gay Marriage, Teachers, and Healthcare

I want to ask for your prayers for us in the state of Rhode Island. We are gearing up for the latest round in the battle to preserve traditional marriage. A hearing was scheduled this week at the state house for the judiciary committee to review a bill that would legalize gay marriage. This committee has to approve it before it goes before the full assembly for a vote. Fortunately, the hearing was postponed because of a snowstorm. (I'd like to think it was God casting His vote on the side of traditional marriage.) However, the gay marriage advocates were quick to get it rescheduled for next week.

In years past, we had a Catholic governor as well a speaker of the house and several state representatives who opposed gay marriage. This year, our new governor, who won with only 36% of the vote, advocates gay marriage. We have also lost some key allies in the state house as well as now having an openly gay speaker of the house. It's easy to see how personal agendas have pushed gay marriage to the top of the list of legislative priorities in a state with double digit unemployment, nearly bankrupt cities and towns, and decaying schools.

The Providence Journal had an interesting article this morning on the upcoming hearing and planned gay marriage rally. These particular paragraphs really jumped out at me:
“Please wear red to show your support for equality,” said an e-mail that the advocacy group, Ocean State Action, issued this week to draw attention to the event.
Members of Ocean State Action include Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island, the National Organization for Women Rhode Island Chapter (RI NOW), the Sierra Club and a host of unions, including the Association of University Professors Rhode Island Chapter, Hotel Employees Restaurant Employees Local 217, the National Association of Social Workers RI (NASW), National Education Association RI (NEARI), the New England Health Care Employees Union District 1199 SEIU, United Auto Workers Region 9A (UAW) and the United Nurses & Allied Professionals (UNAP).
It's pretty interesting that Planned Parenthood and NOW are behind this gay marriage push since they also advocate the murder of millions of unborn each year through abortion. It really should come as no surprise since they, like gay marriage advocates, want to separate the sacred gift of sexuality from its true purpose of uniting a married couple through the procreation of children, which is the embodiment of their love for one another.

The environmentalist group Sierra Club, advocates keeping abortion legal and views it as birth control as part of their view that couples should be limited to only two children as a remedy to their mythical problem of overpopulation. I guess allowing gays to marry is one way to confront overpopulation, since there is no way they can conceive naturally.

I find it most disturbing that groups like unions for teachers, college professors, nurses and other health care professionals are also assisting this push for gay marriage. These are the same people that we entrust our children to in the classrooms and our health care to in the hospitals. Yet they are trying to advance an unhealthy and destructive lifestyle while at the same time also aligning with those that advocate and profit from the killing of innocent lives.

On a related note, a Rhode Island legislator introduced a bill that would allow citizens to vote on whether or not to legalize gay marriage on the 2012 ballot. I agree with the National Organization for Marriage on this being a fair and just course of action because over 80% of Rhode Islanders polled want this on the ballot. However, because gay marriage advocates know that in every state where this has been on the ballot, traditional marriage has been upheld. They know they can only win this by the legislature or the courts forcing this on the citizens of this state. Since we have an openly gay speaker of the House, I don't expect this gay marriage referendum bill to ever get a fair hearing.

I ask for your prayers for Rhode Island as well as other states that are once again entering into this battle to protect traditional marriage and families. Despite what the media or the advocates are telling us, with the help of God, we can win this battle. Also if you are in the area, please attend the hearing on February 9 at the State House in Providence, RI at 4 pm to show your support for God's model of marriage and families.

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