What Some People Find Offensive

Take a look at the video below, and ask your self if you find this offensive. Unfortunately Fox Sports had decided not to air this ad during the Superbowl because of their policy against commercials with religious doctrine. They do not want to risk offending anyone.

I personally didn't find any religious doctrine in this ad. It simply directs viewers to look up John 3:16 for themselves in the Bible or on-line. I admire the creators of this ad, Fixed Point Foundation, in how they responded to Fox Sports:
“Fox Sports isn't the enemy,” said Taunton [Larry Taunton Executive Director of Fixed Point]. “We aren't out to demonize them. We think this is more of a cultural issue than it is a Fox Sports issue. Their solution was just to run from it because they think this is something that would offend their viewership. I think we have become so utterly sensitive and politically correct that the result is we end up doing absurd things like this.”
Because of the twisted values of our culture and the media, anything with a Christian message is deemed offensive. However Fox Sports and the Fox Network in general have no problem airing the usually racy ads from Go-Daddy and other sponsors that in the past have been borderline pornographic and have openly mocked religion. Fox Network also does not find it offensive to air their usual lineup of violence and sex filled shows on prime time each evening. Most recently Fox deemed it appropriate and inoffensive to air openly the show Glee, which contains explicit sexual content, teen promiscuity, and graphic scenes with gay teens and their same sex partners.

I agree with Mr. Taunton about this whole matter. The isn't just an issue with Fox, but it is symptomatic of our sick society in which so much immorality is accepted and "normal" and "good". However any mention of Christ and His message of hope and truth and turning away from sin is found offensive and met with ridicule and scorn. Our culture is submersed so deeply in darkness that it attacks anything that points to the Light. It is like a person who has been sitting in the dark for a long time. Once a bright light is turned on, it causes pain to the person's eyes. They can either be patient and accept the light and bear with the pain until their eyes adjust or they can choose the darkness by shielding their eyes and try to extinguish the light. It is easy to see which option our society is choosing.
Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. (Isaiah 5:20)

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  1. Matthias,

    Your analogy of darkness and light is spot-on. C.S. Lewis noted that when a person gets to that last stage of sinfulness, where they "call good evil and evil good," there is little hope of repentance. I think the same applies to a culture. Let's keep praying for an infusion of the Holy Spirit, beginning with Christians livinv as true, authentic, courageous standard bearers of Christ.