A Great Book for Guys

I recently came across the book Choosing the Right Urinal by Kyle Heimann. Once you get past the unconventional title, you will discover that the author does a remarkable job of fusing together humor and spirituality to get men to think about their relationship with Christ. Kyle Heimann uses a metaphor that all men can easily relate to - choosing a urinal in a public bathroom - as a tool to help men think about the decisions that they make on a daily basis and how they relate to God's will for our lives.

It is an easy read and a worthwhile book to read alone or to use with a men's group. At the very least, how often are you going to find a book that combines bathroom humor and spirituality? Probably not very often. The curiosity alone may be enough to make you want to read it.

The book is available on the website http://www.kyleheimann.com/urinal/. You can either purchase hard copies or download it for free in a PDF format. It's an outstanding little book that can help all men focus on what is truly important in life.

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