Public Schools Undermining Our Role As Parents

Please read the following opinion piece from the March 24 edition of the Boston Herald.

Sex Ed Wrong Rite of Spring

This article was written by a mother of 2 who is criticizing the mandatory sex education in public schools in Massachusetts. I completely agree with her concerns about teaching sexual topics to children as young as kindergarten. These children are far too young for this subject matter and all it does is erode their innocence.

Pope John Paul II has said that it is the duty of the parent to protect this innocence in children and that parents should be the primary educator on sexual matters. (See: Familiaris Consorto) Pope Benedict XVI has also spoken out on several occasions about the problem with modern sexual education. (Click here to read the Pope's remarks.)  But these powerful statements by both Popes were either ignored or ridiculed by many.

What's most revealing about the Boston Herald opinion piece are the last few lines. I have pasted them below. Read them carefully and then take a look the the statements of both Popes above. It looks to me that both Benedict and John Paul were accurate in their assessments. The administrators behind the sexual education programs in our schools today are more interested in undermining parents rather than collaborating with them. Here is excerpt from the Boston Herald. 
Indeed, when specifically asked why the school presents lessons on HIV in the third grade, rather than in middle school, one school administrator made this shocking admission:
“The goal is to reach kids before they absorb their parents’s values. By middle school it’s too late.”
May God bless and strengthen us in our duties as parents. St. Joseph pray for us.

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