Two Awesome Videos

Here are two videos I came across recently that are targeted to college students. The first is by the Cardinal Newman Society as part of thier campaign called It is focused on encouraging young adults in college to spend time in Eucharistic Adoration. It conveys a very powerful message. I was really moved by the scene in the video (at 2:02 in the video) when you hear the narrator speaking as Christ calling out to the students:

"Talk to me. Listen. Pray. I may not take away every burden, but I will carry them with you."

The second video below is from Students for Life of America. It is a rapidly growing pro-life movement among college students in the United States. This powerful video gives hope in two ways. First, we can see that the tide may be finally turning in the war against abortion in this country as more of the young are becoming very pro-life. Secondly it also demonstrates that even in the liberal anti-Christian cultures that are in many colleges and universities, students are still being touched by God and called to build this culture of life.

May God continue to bless the organizations behind both these awesome videos!

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