The Problem with Men Today

The following link is to a remarkable article that perfectly describes what radical feminism and the sexual revolution have done to men in our world.

‘Captain Coward’: Behold our brave new sexually emancipated world

I can not agree strongly enough with the author's conclusions in this brilliant piece. Men in our society have become effeminate or have refused to grow up. True masculinity, as created by God, has been torn down, leading to the cowardice the witnessed in the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster.

The Costa Concordia disaster brought into the limelight the effects on men of feminism, and her strumpet daughter, the Sexual Revolution. Feminism has killed the cultural priority of men protecting and being responsible for women. In one video, Michael Voris spoke of the “hero’s journey,” the traditional western cultural archetype of the boy who leaves home, faces and overcomes adversity and becomes a man capable of protecting a family. But our feminist-inspired anti-culture, coupled with a soul-deadening consumerist materialism, has tossed these concepts out.

By telling women they don’t need men, by demonizing the value of masculinity, feminism has at the same time told men that they never need to grow up. If feminism has told women they can sleep around “like men,” it must be remembered that this implies that men may do the same right back. Instead of insisting that men grow up, marry a woman and protect and care for their children, it has offered men women as toys while offering women the Pill, abortion and family court as the back-up plan. Feminism defines “equality” as men and women competing equally in the labour market and using each other equally as objects.
 I strongly urge you to read the article in its entirety and watch the videos in the links at the end of the piece. It will definitely open your eyes to what we are sowing from the seeds of feminism and the sexual revolution.

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