A New Catholic Action is Rising

I recently came across this article by Deacon Keith Fournier: Silver Lining in the Unconstitutional HHS Edict? A New Catholic Action Is Rising 

In this article, Deacon Fournier discusses the silver lining in the recent attack on our faith by the Obama administration, the birth of a New Catholic Action. Since this whole mess started, I too have noticed many of the same things that the Deacon mentions, such as an unprecedented unity among the Bishops in this matter and Catholics from both sides of the political spectrum coming together to fight this battle. Over the past few days, I have also seen reports that Obama's high profile Catholic allies are now abandoning him over this HHS mandate. (See here and here.)

I pray that Deacon Fournier is correct in his prediction and that we Catholics see this as an opportunity to finally unite and, through the the grace of God, work together the bring about the real change this country desperately needs.

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  1. It seems like it's leading to unity with a lot of our Protestant brothers and sisters too, as indicated by Pastor Rick Warren's tweet that he is in "100% solidarity" with us: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/rick-warren-tweets-id-go-to-jail-rather-than-cave-in-on-obamacare-mandate

    It leaves me thinking, is this how Christ will begin to reunite his Church?